M Baumann

Foie gras, Presskopf, Coq au Riesling, Baeckeoffe, Waedele… the flavours more than live up to the melody of the names.

And the new recipes more than live up to the traditional dishes that inspired them.

One day, Guy-Pierre Baumann, an inspired chef, decided to turn tradition on its head and marry cabbage with some new partners. And so the perfume of fish sauerkraut, with its sauces made to secret recipes, came to fill the air at the House with 75 stained glass windows, 4 vaulted frescoed dining rooms, and mingle with all the other aromas of the time.

logo-fait-maisonLe Chef et son équipe vous informent que tous les plats de cette carte sont faits maison et sont élaborés sur place à partir de produits bruts.


Duck liver « Kammerzell » style,
Compote of seasonal fruits, Gewurztraminer jelly and toast
17,40 €
Onion pie,
with bacon, mixed salad
9,80 €
Leek salad « Adeline »,
(recipe from Madame Baumann )
7,90 €
6 snails « à l’Alsacienne »
from Rémy Koehl Farm in Birkenwald
13,70 €
Duck terrine with pistachio,
mirabelle plum marmalade with cinnamon
9,50 €
Crispy veal head and celery Rémoulade with horseradish
10,75 €
Butternut soup with chestnut
8,50 €
Glass of smoked salmon and mango,
Golden-brown sesame seeds with coriander
16,30 €

Fish Dishes 

Roasted pikeperch fillet, Matelote sauce,
pasta and crispy bacon
25,90 €
Sea bream Fillet roasted,
pearl barley cooked like a risotto with vegetables
27,20 €
Salmon cooked “à la plancha”, simmered green lentils with haddock,
crunchy potato pancake
22,75 €
Scallops pan fried in olive oil, wild rice with green tea 27,50 €
Back of cod and cured ham cooked “à la plancha”
simmered “Lingots” dried beans with tomatoes
24,80 €
Fillet of arctic char served with stewed green cabbage 23,75 €

Meat Dishes 

Roasted rack of lamb,
his licorice juice and braised chicory
26,75 €
Baeckeoffe on 3 sorts of meat,
from Mister Herrmann, house in Reichstett, according to the recipe of the Head Chef
23,30 €
Beef tartare « Kammerzell » style
French fries*
20,85 €
Grilled beef fillet,
Polenta, sauce béarnaise and vegetables
27,70 €
Hind stew with cranberries,
chestnut and spaetzle
23,50 €
Farmer poultry « coq au Riesling » style,
sauted spaetzles with butter
22,30 €
Grilled tenderloin beef “Charolais”,
Polenta, sauce béarnaise, vegetables
25,50 €

Baumanns Sauerkraut 

Sauerkraut with 3 sorts fish
24,60 €

choucrouteCreated in 1970 by Guy Pierre Baumann, this emblematic dish has become the speciality of the Maison Kammerzell, and it known worldwide.

Sauerkraut with fresh salmon and dill
« Création Guy-Pierre Baumann »
21,90 €
Sauerkraut with duck confit
(duck leg confit and bacon)
24,20 €
Sauerkraut Strasbourg style
(8 varieties of meat and butcheries)
23,60 €
Sauerkraut formidable
(10 varieties of meat and butcheries)
28,30 €
Sauerkraut with knuckle of ham
(knuckle of ham and bacon)
23,60 €

The Sauerkraut is cooked by ourselves in Krautergersheim “Capital of the Sauerkraut” at Rieffel’s House in a mixture of spices which confers her a so particular taste.

Vegetarian Dishes 

Pearl barley cooked like a risotto
vegetables and poached egg
19,75 €
Cheese-topped spaetzles with oyster mushrooms
and fresh herbs
17,50 €


Munster, Brie, Roquefort 10,55 €


Demandez notre Suggestion de Dessert du Jour

Cheese Cake with blackcurrant jelly and violet flavoring, blackcurrant sorbet 8,50 €
Biscuit with chocolate mousse and chestnut cream, clementine jelly,Chestnut ice cream 8,75 €
Shortbread cookie with coconut, custard with lime and coriander,mango and pineapple tartar, mango sorbet
8,50 €
“Snowball” chocolate cream, floating island, chocolate sauce, vanilla custard  8,75 €
“le Majestueux” crispy biscuit with pine nuts, milk chocolate iced mousse,wild strawberries coulis, fir liqueur ice cream 9,50 €
Apple Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream 8,25 €
Vanilla Millefeuille 8,75 €
“l’Elégant” chocolate biscuit with crème caramel and pear pieces, toffy ice cream with sea salt 8,50 €
Seasonal fruit tart with vanilla ice cream 8,50 €
Café gourmand and its assortment of 3 sweets 7,35 €
Sorbet with Brandy (3 scoop)
lemon, raspberry, mango, pear, blackcurrant
8,35 €
Sorbet without Brandy (3 scoop)
lemon, raspberry, mango, pear, blackcurrant
7,10 €
Ice cream (3 scoop)
vanilla, chestnut, chocolate, toffy with sea salt
7,10 €