Just take a moment to observe this veritable symbol of Strasbourg, which dates back to 1427, and see how the prestige of the past is married with a continued, yet reinvented, tradition of gastronomy.Explore the different floors and let yourself be charmed by the Maison Kammerzell  : its magnificent rooms decorated by Léo Schnug, its warm and spacious lounges, and its unique views of the Cathedral.

Whether it be a quiet dinner for two or a meal with a group of friends, you will feel so good in the cosy surroundings that you will want to stay all night…

Ground floor – The Léo Schnug Room

Ground floor - The Léo Schnug Room

The cellar offers exceptional surroundings with its vaulted ceilings, its arched windows and its typically medieval atmosphere.

This room owes its name to the Alsatian artist who painted the allegorical frescoes which have decorated the walls since 1904. Léo Schnug, well known for the frescoes he painted at the Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg, painted here “Le nef des fous” (the Ship of Fools), “Le Repas du condamné” (the Condemned Man’s Last Meal), “Le Supplice de Tantale” (the Punishment of Tantalus). He also created a unique decor which makes the Maison Kammerzell the most beautiful of Strasbourg’s winstubs.

1st floor – Cathedral side

1st floor - Cathedral side

A meal at the Maison Kammerzell is a must when visiting Strasbourg.

Surrounded by Léo Schnug’s pastoral scenes, stained glass windows and paintings on wood, plunge into a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Admire the characters from German mythology represented in the painter’s work and discover the pleasant sensation of having dinner against the background of the lacy carved pink stone of the Cathedral.

The Alcove on the 1st floor

The Alcove on the 1st floor

In 1905 Léo Schnug, aged 27, was asked to decorate the Maison Kammerzell.

In the vaulted alcove, decorated with frescoes by the painter, enjoy an Alsatian speciality under the amused eye of his dice players.

On the walls you will see a cat, the object of his hallucinations.

The Evêque and Vigneron lounges

The Evêque and Vigneron lounges

The bottle-bottom windows let in a soft light that gives the lounges a particular character. An atmosphere to make you feel like the guest of a bourgeois Renaissance family.

One wall features a fresco representing the city of Strasbourg. But the more curious among you will also find the list of all the former owners of the house, from the draper Hans Jaeger through to the grocer Philippe-François Kammerzell…